Educational Consultations

Take the guess work out of understanding:

  • IEPs
  • psychoeducational reports
  • neuro-psych reports
  • private evaluations
  • school evaluations

Walk away with a clear understanding of what it all means and what your next course of action should be so that you are empowered to help your child thrive!

How it Works and What's Included:

After you sign up, we’ll schedule our call and you will send me the document(s) to be reviewed.

I’ll go over the document carefully on my own, taking notes to discuss with you, paying special attention to what you are most concerned about or what questions you have.

We’ll meet via video conferencing to go through the document, answer questions, and create a plan of action going forward.

I will then follow up, emailing you a summary of our discussion with notes you can use to take action.


Pricing depends on a variety of factors, but starts at $65 for reviewing a single document up to 30 pages and discussing with a 60 minute video conference.  

To Sign Up:

Email me today! ( or click below)

Include in your message a list of all documents in need of review so that I know how much time we’ll need to devote and we can schedule our call!